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Friday, August 29, 2008

U.S. Senate Candidate Dykstra Points to Johnson Flip-Flop on Offshore Drilling

More in from the mailbag:

Sioux Falls - Republican Senatorial Candidate, Joel Dykstra, said today that South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson’s recent position switch to support more domestic oil production, particularly off shore drilling, seems like an opportunistic election year conversion.

Dykstra said he anticipated Johnson would “flip-flop” on his long-held position with regard to the ban on oil and gas drilling in the U.S. outer continental shelf. “This is a purely politically motivated shift and only resulted because he sees which way the wind of public opinion is now blowing. If Johnson has been on this side earlier some action might have been taken years ago in time to avoid the current energy crisis before it happened,” he said.

According to Dykstra, Senator Johnson has long opposed American solutions to the energy crisis and his voting record is solid proof of that. “He has voted many times in the past with his Democratic counterparts to oppose the expansion of American production, including voting twice in 2008 to maintain the ban on offshore drilling,” he said.

Dykstra, who has been advocating a comprehensive energy policy since the beginning of his campaign over a year ago, said the Senator is a late arrival to the realization that comprehensive energy solutions must include more drilling and development of domestic sources. “Senator Johnson once again is late to the party. Many Republicans like myself have been promoting home grown solutions to high energy prices for a long time. With the American public now fed up with $4 gas, Democrats like Tim Johnson are finding the political pressure is just too great to remain opposed to drilling.”

Dykstra’s energy policy also includes the use of renewable energy such as wind, solar and nuclear power, as long as it is done in an environmentally responsible way. He is also promoting conservation and incentives for development of new technologies and energy innovation.


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