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Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Okay for Democrats to Vote for McCain

John McCain has a new ad featuring Debra, a "proud Hillary Clinton Democrat" who will for the first time be supporting a Republican.

Who knows: McCain might be "moderate" enough to wean her off the liberal pap and on the road to truth. It'll be a long journey, but you have to start somewhere.


Haggs said...

As an independent who believes voters shouldn't blinding support candidates just based on party affiliation, I applaud her for doing that. Just like I applaud the Republicans who are planning to vote for Obama.

Bob Ellis said...

You're right, Haggs. People shouldn't blindly support candidates simply based on party affiliation.

However, in more than 9 out of 10 cases, the candidate will support or oppose certain values in alignment with that party.

In the case of Republicans, those values typically include limited government, minimal taxes, pro-life, pro-family, strong national defense, etc.

In the case of Democrats, those values typically include government as the doer and provider of everything, high tax burdens to support that vision of government, pro-abortion, anti-family, and appeasement of evil around the world.

So in most cases, you know to a great extent what you're getting based on party affiliation.

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