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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Morning in America

84 presidential elections ad for Ronald Reagan campaign.

Barack Obama is too much like a Jimmy Carter clone. Why would we want to put America through that again?


Big Media Excitement said...

Barack Obama The Mile High Messiah in Denver.

Baracks Speech was great democratic red meat. Im sure he spoke to the hearts and minds of hillarys people. By the way did anyone hear Chris matthews of msnbc? He basically endorsed barack obama on air. Whats up w that? Anyone who thinks NBC is unbiased is smoking large amounts of crack. By the way you should read "Barack Obama The Mile High Messiah in Denver. In the http://fargophantom.com/democratic-convention-barack-obama-the-mile-high-messiah-in-denver/
Lets see what the Goverment Channel has to say at FOX News tonight. Looks like a successful Speech and will prove to be a strong force of change.

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