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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Undercover at the DNC Pro-Abortion Rally

I think this first guy is upset that there are some in the Democrat Party who don't embrace infanticide as Barack Obama does. To him, anything less is a total sellout of pro-abortion principles.

These are the kind of nutcases you'll only see at protest events like this...and in the blogosphere.

Hot Air correspondent Jason Mattera goes undercover at a pro-abortion demonstration during the '08 Democrat National Convention


Anonymous said...

If you can't even refer to a political party and their convention correctly, what else are you getting wrong?

Bob Ellis said...

I referred to them as correctly as I could.

Leland said...

Bob--That was fabulous, thank you! Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

These progressives are a little too cerebral for me to follow. I think more along the lines of bumper sticker slogans, like
"Abortion Kills"

"Give Life a Chance"

"Abortion: One Heart Stops......Another Heart Breaks"

"Life begins at conception and ends at Planned Parenthood"

"Pro-Life is the radical notion that babies are people"

"Half the patients entering an abortion clinic never come out alive."

"Planned Parenthood .... got death?"

If I were a poet, perhaps I could come up with something profound and novel.

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