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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin an Insult to the Hillary Clinton Die-Hearts?

By Carrie K. Hutchens

I caught a few comments made yesterday by the television pundits who were speculating on who John McCain's VP choice was going to be. One comment was to the effect that it would be condescending for McCain to pick Palin and that Hillary supporters would not be impressed, but rather, would be insulted. After all, they didn't just want a woman -- they wanted Hillary and would be satisfied with nothing less.

What I would like to know is...

What makes these pundits think that McCain picked Palin simply because she is a woman? Now that is where the insult rests. Well, at least one of the insults.

Life is not centered around Hillary Clinton, nor should it be. She was simply a woman running for president. She has no special powers or talents that others don't have. For any pundit to imply others can't live up to her bigger than life persona is the major insult and nothing more than media bias (free public relations) at its obvious. And let's be honest... how many Hillary Clinton make-overs can one life-time handle?

Sarah Palin is a governor and she did it on her own -- not on the coat tails of her husband. She was elected because of her abilities -- not her husband's. And if she is ever to be president -- she will be the one that earned the position and is expected to carry out the duties -- not her husband. And when she campaigns, we will know that the experience attributed to her, will be HER experience and not community property experience we seemed to have been exposed to for too long.

As I said...

The world does not center around Hillary Clinton. To suggest that Sarah Palin is a desperate pick on John McCain's part is actually an insult to all women. It is to say that if we aren't Hillary Clinton we are less deserving and less than capable. I think Sarah Palin is the woman to prove that old assumption to be idle gossip that we can throw out with the dish water. After all, life is too short to live by the illusion perpetrated on us thus far. It's time to put real people back into government.


Braden said...

John McCain DID pick her because she's a woman. McCain said he was going to pick someone to be his replacement, should he not be able to complete his term. Can any Republicans tell me she is the most qualified? More than Mitt Romney? More than Guiliani? Even Pallenty?

McCain took the only argument he had, experience, and threw it away. Sarah Palin has been governor of one of the smallest states for 2 years! What does she know about urban crime? About immigration? About terrorism? Would you want a SD governor becoming President after 2 years? That would scare the you-know-what outta me.

Republicans say Obama has no experience, which is just spin. He has little national and international experience, but it's still light years ahead of Palin. Obama has been part of every foreign policy debate for the last for years. Sarah Palin said she hasn't thought about Iraq much. And she is supposed to be able to debate Obama or Biden about it?

I've been reading a lot about Palin. She seems like she was a very good governor. But she was governor of Alaska, and for only two years. That's her experience.

McCain picked her for purely political reasons. She sures up his credentials with conservatives. And he apparently thinks HRC voters will vote for him because he picked a woman. The HRC voters I know are outraged by this. They're going to vote for someone hand-picked by Rush Limbaugh? The HRC voters I know truly are insulted that McCain apparently thinks they are that stupid.

If these are the type of choices McCain is going to make, HE is the one who is too risky!

Carrie K. Hutchens said...

The world does not center around Hillary Clinton, nor has it ever. Surprisingly enough, there are intelligent women in the world who refuse to gather around her and her group.

Back to one of my points...

Palin has more experience as an elected official than Hillary Clinton and it is actually HER experience to claim!

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