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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Underground Crime

Earlier today I noticed radical pro-abortionist Anna at DakotaWomen seemed disturbed that "underground" abortions were still occurring in America.

Several thoughts crossed my mind, but then I saw that Pastor Steve had already taken care of most of them at Voices Carry.

A few additional thoughts include one which expresses confusion that even though the judicial activism of Roe v. Wade in 1973 was supposed to solve this problem, it continues.

I guess Roe wasn't the magic bullet sexual anarchists had hoped for.

Also crossing my mind was the oft-recited rationale for keeping abortion legal is that "people will still do it" even if we make it illegal.

By that same logic, we should make prostitution legal, because it's still happening "underground" even though we've outlawed it.

We should also legalize crack, heroine, meth and all other illicit drugs because, after all, it's still happening "underground" even though we've outlawed it.

For that matter, for the sake of logical consistency, we should also legalize burglary, since police reports do indicate we have a pretty fair amount of "underground" burglaries going on, despite the fact that we've made it illegal.

You know, we outlawed murder a long, long time ago and still we have "underground" murders going on. I guess, according to pro-abortion logic, we should legalize that, too

Or maybe...maybe we should recognize that while outlawing a practice doesn't completely eliminate it, it (a) reduces its frequency, (b) causes some people to think twice before doing it, (c) instills a respect in many for the object being protected, and (d) provides a means of holding accountable those who violate that law.

I'm just an average guy, but that last one sounds like the most reasonable course to me...


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