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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Democrats Got Religion

Have you noticed lately that it seems like federal Democrats have got religion? Don't worry: it won't last. But when you do hear it, just remember for these national socialists, Christianity isn't something that happens inside a person, and it certainly has nothing to do with try to be holy as God has commanded us to do.

Frank Pastore in his TownHall.com piece knows exactly what's up:

The actors knew the script. Director Wallis had coached them well. Real Christians care about poverty and global warming. No more of that sin-salvation-Jesus stuff for us. Don’t talk about heaven and hell, we’re for the Kingdom now! Let’s raise taxes and the minimum wage, grow government, start more unions, provide universal health care and child care, with free college for everybody–including illegals. And above all, let’s replace greedy-selfish capitalism with generous-loving socialism and truly achieve social justice. Vote out poverty now! Raise taxes on the rich!

Folks like Hillary Clinton and most of her Democrat competitors have religion, but it isn't Christianity. It's a religion that worships man as the ultimate force of reason in the universe. That's why it's okay in their view for "every man to do what's right in his own eyes."

Theirs is also a religion which worships the "Government god." For liberals, they see government as the almighty entity which cares for people (kind of a "Government-Jireh"). They see government as being the one to whom we can go for all our answers and all our solutions. Government can do anything and be anything and fix anything. It is all powerful, and the source from which all blessings flow.

And since they also worship the reason of man, this goes hand in hand with their worship of government. Because government is made up of many men. You can trust a group of bureaucrats that make up government; you can't, however, trust an individual man. He might think for himself, and get off the plantation.

So when Dems try to fool you into thinking they've got religion, just remember what kind of religion it is that they've got.


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