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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Writer: Campaign for UnHealthy Families Pushed Me Out of Democrat Camp

Today's Rapid City Journal features an interesting Letter to the Editor about a man's experience with the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families crew:

I would like to comment on the Campaign for Healthy Families people who visited my home today (8/4), and tried to get me to vote against the upcoming abortion bill.

I politely stated that I was adopted, and I absolutely support this antiabortion bill. One of the visitors made this snide remark, and I quote: “Well hopefully your birth mom got either a refund or a rain-check to try again later?”

That comment was not only incredibly rude, but I took it as a threat. It also reinforces my stance even more on this issue. I will 120 percent be voting to enact this new abortion ban now. Sorry guys, but that’s not the way to win over supporters.

Further, it also reinforces my belief that liberals are not good people. They are angry, bitter people who bow to special interests and believe that killing babies and allowing gay marriage is the right thing to do. Ann Coulter was right, liberalism is a religion that must be stamped out of existence.

I was going to vote for Obama, but not anymore. Congratulations campaign for healthy families, you really did a good job on this one!

Healthy families indeed — what hypocrites.

Rapid City

At first glance, one might wonder, "Why would someone who already believed liberals are 'not good people' have even considered voting for Obama in the first place?"

As strange as such a proposition may seem, reality can sometimes be just as strange. I've run across a very significant number of people over the years who are almost as conservative as I am, yet they frequently or mostly vote Democrat because of some myopic single-issue interest ("they'll protect my Medicare", etc.) or simply because they've swallowed the political stereotypes completely ("Republicans are for the rich" or "Democrats are for the common man").

Perhaps Michael Bell is one of those people. He does seem to hate those "greedy corporations" that employ so many people and sell goods at low costs to consumers. Maybe that is what has kept him in orbit around Planet Democrat until now.

But it sounds like South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families might have finally shattered his illusions about dabbling with the Left.


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