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Monday, August 11, 2008

Liberal Man Crush Continues at South DaCola

I think l3wis at South DaCola has a crush on Pastor Steve Hickey at Voices Carry. His post today makes the third post in four days about Voices Carry.

I think he has a crush on Pastor Hickey, and is trying to disguise this emotion by pretending to despise Hickey. It's a long-recognized response to uncomfortable emotions, and one that may be at work here.

On Friday, l3wis got all bent out of shape that Hickey would provide some information (that is relatively easy to obtain on the internet) about the new Regional Field Director for the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families.

Yesterday, l3wis took issue with Hickey's (factual) assertions that abortion is murder, and that the United States was founded by Christians on a Christian worldview.

Today l3wis sees hypocrisy behind a new bush over the McCain link and logo at Voices Carry.

l3wis recycles the MoveOn.org talking points and sees hypocrisy that Hickey, who is pro-life, would support John McCain who is...

...a pro-war candidate. It is estimated that over 4,000 American soldiers have died and some estimates think that between 150,000 to 400,000 innocent Iraqis have died with almost half of them being under the age of eight.

What l3wis "fails" to acknowledge is the question over how those deaths, whatever the real number may be, occurred.

Does the American military deliberately target innocent civilians...as the terrorists they're fighting do?

How many of these deaths occurred for just that reason: that terrorists deliberately set out to kill innocent civilians?

John McCain's support of embryonic stem cell research does mar his pro-life record, but McCain doesn't support the outright practice of abortion. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is so vehemently pro-abortion that he couldn't even bring himself to support an act to protect the lives of children who manage to be born alive after failed abortion attempts.

McCain and Obama are supposed to be same-same on pro-life issues? Go pull my other leg now.

Liberals find the world so much more comfortable when they can wrap it inside a blanket of moral equivalency.

Wrapped up in this security blanket, they don't have to deal with messy things like moral judgments, holding one another (including themselves) to ethical standards, calling evil "evil," and (gasp) offending people. We can all just pretend that everybody's bad, so what does it matter when somebody's bad?

Liberals do, however, reserve the unconditional right to play the hypocrisy card on someone who does condemn something as evil.

Perhaps that is the only evil which exists in the liberal universe: hypocrisy, or at least the perception of it.


Steve Hickey said...

Bob- How do I break it to him that the feelings aren't mutual? I see now he has me in a cartoon.

I appreciate the clarity you are bringing to the table.

Bob Ellis said...

I'm sure if you just keep giving him the cold shoulder and don't lead him on, he'll eventually realize you just don't feel that way about him. :-)

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