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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The APA: When Bias Eclipses Science

The American Psychological Association released a one-sided report yesterday which made the incredible claim that abortion is not a detriment to women's mental health.

Politically correct positions are certainly no stranger to the American Psychiatric Association.

In 1973, after protests and harassment from homosexual activists, the APA caved and removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders.

The APA has proven that it puts more stock in being with the herd and riding the political winds than it does in actual science.

Voices Carry has some information on the biased and one-sided manner in which the APA made the contention that abortion is not a threat to women's mental health.

Today a group of 100 scientists, medical and mental health experts issued a statement disagreeing with the APA's position.

A large number of women also testified to the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion that they had most definitely suffered mental distress after having had an abortion.

Pro-abortion liberals are quick to embrace "science" when it appears to support immorality, but dismiss science when it is inconvenient.

They apparently have a love-hate relationship with science. When biased pronouncements like the one from the APA make them feel good about killing innocent human life, science is god. When actual, factual science (such as the fact that unborn children have human DNA, and that DNA is unique from the mother, making the child a unique human being) presents a problem for their "oh, it's just tissue" argument, it gets neatly ignored.

Some express great fear about theoretical changes in global temperature or a tiny increase in the parts-per-million of a chemical in our water, yet express cavalier indifference about a very real and observable health threat.

The scientific reality is that abortion violently ends an innocent and unique human life in the womb. The scientific reality is also that abortion often results in physical and emotional damage to the woman including but not limited to anxiety, depression, substance abuse and suicidal ideation.

What a shame that the APA would put convenience and political correctness ahead of public safety.


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