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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lawmaker Cuts Off Pastor with Profanity

I knew liberals could act like spoiled brats, but the children are really getting out of control when a liberal lawmaker is brazen enough to tell a pastor in an official meeting that "Excuse me, but I think your arguments are bull----."

According to WorldNetDaily and the video below, that's exactly what Democrat Senator Pat Wiggins said to Pastor Robert Jones of Oak Park United Methodist Church. Pastor Jones was speaking at a Sacramento meeting about government mandates and taxes that hurt the poor and vulnerable

Senator Wiggins is certainly entitled to disagree with the pastor, but that was beyond the pale.

If my child did something like that, with or without the profanity, they'd be getting a spanking right away. Apparently Wiggins parents never gave her enough spankings.

Is this simply more overt hostility toward anything Christian? If so, we've come a long way from the people who recognized and officially acknowledged that our rights--and the freedoms they bring--come from our Creator.


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