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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unhealthy Wind Farms

According to this piece from Newhouse News Service, wind power may not be the harmless source of power we had hoped it would be.

The piece says "wind turbine syndrome," a term coined by Dr. Nina Pierpont of Malone, NY, can result in all sorts of problems for people who live too near wind farms.

Pierpont's findings suggest that low-frequency noise and vibration generated by wind machines can have an effect on the inner ear, triggering headaches; difficulty sleeping; tinnitus, or ringing in the ears; learning and mood disorders; panic attacks; irritability; disruption of equilibrium, concentration and memory; and childhood behavior problems.

Concerns also are coming out of Europe about low-frequency noise from newly built wind turbines. For example, British physician Amanda Harry, in a February 2007 article titled "Wind Turbines, Noise and Health," wrote of 39 people, including residents of New Zealand and Australia, who suffered from the sounds emitted by wind turbines.

Remember, too, that Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, a very "green" senator, opposes one of these icky wind farms popping up near the scenic Nantucket Sound. Clean energy is great...but not when it messes up the pristine horizon near a powerful liberal senator's home.

It looks like there's nothing we can do to create power without some kind of tradeoff, except maybe kill off all human beings and leave the earth in the "pristine" conditions some environmental extremists claim would be for the best.

The funny thing is, they're never around when the call goes out for suicide volunteers.

Maybe the wise thing to do would be to recognize that God gave us dominion over the earth to use responsibly, not to put on a shelf and keep in pristine condition. Perhaps this would result in a policy of effective but responsible energy development.


Braden said...

Haha, honestly tell me that you think wind farms are worse for you than having a coal plant next door. Then you can call them 'unhealthy.'

Nikole said...

Braden - if trained physicians are relating wind farms to a number of health issues or behavioral issues then, yes, unhealthy is the correct adjective to use. It may not harm your lungs as coal would, but having panick attacks and mood disorders is by no means healthy either.

THC said...

Let's not also forget that T. Boone Pickens, a very conservative "green" businessmen with plans to build a massive wind turbine farm in Texas, is making certain that it is NOT contructed anywhere within his sightline. T. Boone also thinks clean energy is great...but not when it messes up the pristine horizon near a powerful conservative businessman's home.

Bruce said...

In today's world you can not say this person is a trained Scientist or Physician and just take their word for it you have to look at the agenda behind it Ethics have gone out the window for personal fame and gain. I witnessed a doctor testify that EMF's (electro magnetic fields) from wind turbines were bad for your health and you should not get close to them at all, and as he was on the stand (during a Zoning meeting) his cell phone rang and he put it to his ear to answer and cell phones have many many times more EMF's than any wind turbine. Look at the agenda of the person speaking then investigate the facts.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pierpont's credentials include: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, John Hopkins, the National Academy of Pediatrics, and a Clinical Professorship at Columbia University. Certainly not the resume of a hack - wouldn't you agree Bruce?

Bruce said...

credentials do not speek to agendas or ethics. Yet she could have no ageda and good ethics and still be in error.

Bruce said...

I did some research The Dr. has an agenda she has an upstate New York home that has a wind farm being built near it and does not like that so she is a NIMBY here is an exerpt from another article.

Pierpont, 53, is a 1991 graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has a doctorate in population biology from Princeton University. Her interest was piqued by a wind farm being built near her upstate New York home,

Bob Ellis said...

Maybe she's like one of these disgruntled people who don't want oil wells or refineries nearby.

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