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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pro-Choice Crowd is Anti-Choice for Moral Choices

The Department of Health and Human Services recently proposed changes that would allow health care workers in facilities receiving federal money the right to exercise their conscience to refuse abortion or abortifacient services.

Pro-abortion liberals have been predictably opposed to this proposal.

For a group of people who claim to believe so strongly in "choice," they become apoplectic at the thought that someone might exercise "choice" to not do something which may destroy innocent human life.

And if the individual exercising the "choice" to do the right thing as their conscience dictates is a health care professional, the "pro-choice" constituency quickly reaches for the club of government power to force the individual to violate their conscience.

They have tried to quash the conscience of pharmacists in Montana, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Now, as the Bush Administration moves to protect the right of conscience of all health care workers (in facilities that receive federal dollars), the pro-choice anti-choicers are working to undermine moral choices yet again.

I received this notice today from Concerned Women for America:

Mike Leavitt, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), wrote an excellent blog on why HHS is considering regulations to enforce laws protecting the right of health professionals not to participate in abortions. Abortion advocates are flooding his blog with negative comments opposing the regulations. They don't believe pro-life doctors should have the right to choose not to do abortions.

If we don't stand up for pro-life health providers, it could lead to them being forced to either participate in or refer for abortions, physician-assisted suicide, or other controversial practices - or simply to leave the profession altogether.

As patients, we could lose the ability to choose pro-life health professionals. Imagine having to get pre-natal care from a doctor who just moments before killed another woman's baby.

Sec. Leavitt has invited our comments. The Department needs our backing to prove that pro-life professionals should have the right to choose not to participate in abortions or other controversial actions.

I posted a comment. Now's your chance.

Your blog comment doesn't have to be long.

Pro-abortion groups have twisted the focus on whether some types of contraception cause abortion. This is a deliberate misreading of the regulations. The regulations simply respect varying viewpoints. They allow health providers to rely on sound medical judgment. They focus on the right of health professionals to follow their conscience and their Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm."

As patients, we depend - with our lives - on health providers to be moral and act in what they believe to be the best interest of their patients. But if moral professionals with strong consciences are forced out of the profession, patients will pay the price.

It will take only a few minutes, but you can make a big difference. Click here and scroll to the bottom to add your post.

You can read Sec. Leavitt's response to some of the comments here: http://secretarysblog.hhs.gov/my_weblog/2008/08/physician-con-1.html

To read more about this issue go to: HHS Secretary Addresses Abortion Groups' Lies, Seeks to Protect Pro-Life Doctors and Patients

No "Right To Choose" for Pro-Life Doctors

The pro-abortion "pro-choice" folks are all for choice...unless it means someone exercising a moral choice. Not unlike their assertion that they're for the "right to choose," just not the right of the unborn child to choose to live.


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