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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Voting for a Candidate, How Important is the Issue of Abortion

This is the eighth in a series of responses to pro-abortion politicians. In this spot, Fr. Frank answers the argument that "there are many other issues than abortion." Our response: The foundation of a house is only one of many parts of the house, but it is essential in order to build the other parts. That is why the Catholic bishops have repeatedly asserted that among the many interrelated issues within a consistent ethic, abortion deserves "urgent attention and priority " (Pastoral Plan, 2001).


Julia said...

That entire video is ridiculous. From what I've researched, there is no political solution to ending abortion. Even if politicians enforce a right-to-life amendment abortion will still go on behind closed doors as it does in Latin America (where the Catholic church has heavy influence in politics and abortion is strictly illegal). If you really wanted to end abortion by political means, you would vote for candidates who would help improve the economy, healthcare for expectant mothers, and welfare. There is a much larger picture here.

Bob Ellis said...

Murder, rape and child abuse also still goes on behind closed doors; apparently there's no political solution to ending that, either. Should we just legalize murder, rape and child abuse and give everyone the right to "choose?"

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