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Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest Adult Stem Cell Success: Bone Growth

Adult stem cell research continues to enjoy successes, while we have yet to see a single success from the much vaunted embryonic stem cell research

Recent trials in Australia have shown tremendous results regenerating bone after serious injuries. These trials involved subjects who had received serious injuries, but were still not healed after many months.

From LifeSiteNews:

One man who suffered a compound fracture and was still using crutches a year later, regained the use of his leg the day after the procedure and is now fully recovered, pain free and regularly runs and plays football. Eight of the ten patients experienced full bone regrowth.

They are also looking at regrowing cartilage that could help with arthritis and hip injuries.

At this point, there have been dozens of successful treatments using adult stem cell therapy, including diabetes, heart tissue and leukemia.

There is no good reason to pursue embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of human life.

Only a reckless contempt for human life could lead us to embrace a destructive possibility over a benign reality.


Anonymous said...

Those advocating embryonic stem cell research seem to care little about actual therapeutic results of the kind we've seen with adult stem cells. It seems to be more about obtaining government grants, but even more cynically, about legitimizing abortion and infanticide in the minds of average Americans. If killing babies were to give us even one useful therapy, why, we’d never hear the end of it and what a wonderful thing it is.

Braden said...

I can see why many people have moral objections to abortion, but this debate is just insane.

The majority of embryonic stem cells come as a byproduct of in vitro fertilization. When a couple has problems conceiving, many embryos are inserted into the woman, but very few actually implant and begin to grow. If they don't work, they are destroyed or frozen. Yes, they are destroyed!

So really the debate is this: should we use these stem cells for research in which case they will be destroyed, or should we not use them for research in which case they will be destroyed anyway.

You claim to be pro-life, yet you are arguing that these embryos should not be used for research that could potentially prolong human lives, but that they should just be destroyed. Or are you arguing that IVF should not be used, another argument that could hardly be classified as 'pro-life.'

Bob Ellis said...

If in vitro fertilization is going to involve the use of extra embryos that probably will not survive (which is usually the case), then I'm against that, too.

I'm also against destroying human beings for any kind of research, whether it does or does not result in cures. There's a reason the civilized world shunned the human research Nazis did during World War II: it devalues human life.

Embryonic stem cell research is especially insane when you consider there are types of stem cell research (adult, blood cord, etc.) that are ALREADY producing results, while embryonic has yet to produce a single success.

It's like some people want desperately to go out of their way to destroy human life.

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