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Monday, August 11, 2008

What the Obamas REALLY Think of America

This video is a compilation of clips of Barack and Michelle Obama that illustrate what they really think of America.

America's history has not been perfect, nor has it been sinless. But I don't in any measure agree with Obama that it has been an "enormous tragic history."

Nor do I agree with his wife that there has been nothing to be proud of our country about until now.

Obama says, "Potentially, at least, we could create a society that is the model for the world. Uh, it isn't right now."

Oh, I beg to differ in the strongest possible terms. Our nation has been a model for the world since the day it was founded, and despite its failings (primarily the moral ones that Obama seems to want to exacerbate) it remains a model of freedom and prosperity to the world.

Self-loathing elitists are entitled to their opinion, but should they be elected to run the country?

*WARNING: The volume on this video is VERY loud, so turn down your volume before starting.


Anonymous said...

The Obamas have told us exactly who and what they are, yet, otherwise intelligent Americans are still taken in by nebulous promises of "change" and "hope." If Obama is elected president, change is the one thing we could be certain of and hope the only thing we'd have to console us.

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