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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lengthy Phone Polls for Senator Johnson Going Out

A Dakota Voice reader contacted me today and said he received a call from a polling group a couple of nights ago on behalf of Senator Tim Johnson's campaign.

He said it was a pretty long call (about 20 minutes), which would be one of the most extensive polling calls I've ever heard of.

He said some position statements by Senator Johnson and Republican challenger Joel Dykstra were recited first, then there were a bunch of multiple choice questions related to whether the respondent would be more or less likely to vote for Johnson.

The DV reader said about half the call sang the praises of Johnson for bringing home the pork (aka hard-earned taxpayer dollars) to South Dakota.

Who knows how many calls were made that night, and are being made daily, but at 20 minutes a pop, they've got to be running up a pretty good phone bill doing this survey.

Seems to me a debate or a town hall meeting would be a much cheaper and more effective way of finding out whether South Dakotans believe Johnson is up to the demanding job of being our representative in the U.S. Senate.

Have you received a polling call on behalf of Senator Johnson lately? Let me know if you have.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where these calls are coming from...

I got the same call two nights ago from a group that was trashing Senator Tim Johnson. Like this call mentioned in the above post, mine lasted between 20 and 25 minutes. While this call that came to my home did mention Johnson's successes, the man on the line asked if I thought someone with a disability could serve in the United States Senate. Before I could even get a word in to answer, this man told me that Senator Johnson can not get around as well, and that because his speech is not 100%, he could not be an effective Senator. After I answered, they then asked if I supported a true conservative, pro-life candidate like Joel Dykstra. Along with several other questions, there were probably eight questions dealing with abortion, abortion rights, and other conservative ideals.

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