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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reaction Over Alpha Center Ad

KELO has an update on the Alpha Center ad which caused such apoplexia on the Left yesterday and today.

Seems it isn't something that the Sioux Falls School District has direct control over.

The Sioux Falls School District says it has no control over the directory because it is a publication of The Shopping News.

And the company's lawyer told KELOLAND News Thursday that The Shopping News is just providing an avenue for advertisers to reach customers, and this whole issue is about "sour grapes" by people who stand on the other side of the abortion issue.

Some parents don't like the ad:
Sioux Falls School District parent Roda Weil says, "I see that as wrong. I say just leave the kids alone and let them get education."

Like get an education on proper oral and anal sex techniques, as some educational materials provide?

Like getting an education on how to have a meeting about runing a pro-abortion campaign by South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families?

The Alpha Center will at least point young people toward sexual responsibility and preserving human life--far more than can be said for Planned Parenthood and the UnHealthy Families gang.

As I said yesterday, let's quit pretending there are no rights and no wrongs, but only preferences.

There is definitely right and definitely wrong, and encouraging sexual license and killing innocent children in the womb is definitely wrong.


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