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Monday, August 18, 2008

APA Insider: Abortion Statement Was Politically Motivated Exercise

The recent statement by the American Psychological Association that abortion is not a hazard to women's mental health has been roundly denounced by many health professionals.

Now an APA insider says the recent report was nothing but the "politically-motivated exercise" many believed it to be.

LifeSiteNews reports the following from Rachel M. MacNair, Ph.D.:

The report, published earlier this month, claimed to have examined all the available research literature since 1989. It concluded that there were no significant negative psychological effects on women who have abortions.

But MacNair wrote that the APA report was, in essence, based on a single 1995 study, "Termination of pregnancy and psychiatric morbidity", that examined cases of "psychiatric morbidity" after abortion in British women. MacNair is the director of the Institute for Integrated Social Analysis, the research arm of Consistent Life: An International Network for Peace and Life.

"Setting aside the quality of the study itself," MacNair wrote, "citing only one study in support of a politically-desired conclusion cannot be explained in any other way than a politically-motivated exercise."

Furthermore, noted MacNair, the British study did not support the conclusion, having found more cases of drug overdose in women who had abortions compared to others who had not.

This kind of politically-motivated propaganda from professional organizations has grown all too common in recent decades.

Organizations such as the APA have in the past served to provide a level of confidence in professional judgments to the average citizen. That confidence has been vital in motivating quick response to dangers and threats.

But with groups like this demonstrating they are more interested in pushing an agenda than finding the truth, that confidence has been blasted to bits.

If we haven't passed that point already, we are on the verge of society losing total confidence in the authority we should be able to trust. And what may be even more dangerous than the agenda some choose to push, could be that when a real danger comes along, the people may fail to heed the warning because all they've come to expect from professionals is a bunch of bunk.


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