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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mental Patient Stuck in Chair Dies On Tape

"Mental Patient Stuck in Chair Dies On Tape
Man Left Untended For 22 Hours, Report Says
Posted: 10:43 am EDT August 20, 2008

RALEIGH, N.C. -- A mental patient died after workers at a North Carolina hospital left him in a chair for 22 hours without feeding him or helping him use the bathroom, said federal officials who have threatened to cut off the facility's funding.

The state sent a team Tuesday to help Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro draft new procedures to ensure patients receive proper care.

An investigator's report released Monday found that 50-year-old Steven Sabock died in April after he choked on medication and was left sitting in a chair for close to a day at the facility about 50 miles southeast of Raleigh. Surveillance video showed hospital staff watching television and playing cards just a few feet away.

Federal officials have threatened to cut off funding because of Sabock's death and a report that a physician punched a patient after the teen bit the doctor."

Read the entire report at WNEM.

The cruelty of some is ever amazing. I simply can't get use to the mentality that deems life so worthless and compassion too burdensome to keep on hand.


Anonymous said...

Such callous and inhumane treatment happens every day in mental facilities and extended care facilities all over the country. (Not all but far too many.)

I have seen victims of such cruelty and neglect in the emergency room for years, but whereas they were once rare and exepectional, they are now common and routine. One wonders what became of our basic respect for life and the dignity of the individual, no matter how weak and dependent he or she may be.

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