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Monday, August 18, 2008

Homosexual Activst Admits: There is no 'Gay Gene'

CNS News reports some refreshing honesty from a homosexual activist.

In the recent article, homosexual activist Peter Tatchell admits there is no magic "gay gene" that forces a person to perform homosexual acts:

Peter Tatchell, an Australian-born British homosexual activist who founded the "direct action" group OutRage! that specializes in media stunts such as disrupting Christian religious services, wrote on Spiked Online that he agrees with the scientific consensus that there is no such thing as a "gay gene."

Contrary to the findings of some researchers who have tried to posit a purely genetic origin for same-sex attractions, Tatchell wrote, "Genes and hormones may predispose a person to one sexuality rather than another. But that's all. Predisposition and determination are two different things."

There are some preliminary indications that genetics may predispose a person to certain activities like drinking to excess. Homosexual activists have for decades engaged in a search for a similar "excuse" for homosexual behavior.

But even if such a gene were discovered for drunkenness or even homosexuality, it would not excuse the person from their moral obligations. Genes do not make us automatons; we are human beings with a free will. We can choose to do this or that, or not to do this or that.

God isn't fooled by our protests of "I couldn't help myself" and the American people shouldn't be fooled by it either.


Tom said...

An 'excuse' for being gay?

What is the real debate here? Why they are gay? or how we are going to treat homosexuals and develop our attitudes towards alternative lifestyles?

It doesn't matter if it is genetic or choice.. these individuals are not hurting anyone else and deserve every single right that is afforded to anyone else.

You need a drastic attitude change.

Bob Ellis said...

Homosexuals are hurting themselves physically, mentally and emotionally by engaging in a practice which is immoral, unnatural and unhealthy.

Others are hurt when society attempt to normalize and legitimize this dangerous practice, encouraging confused people to practice it.

We attempt to dissuade people from using dangerous drugs, but apparently we care so little about homosexuals that we encourage them to participate in a destructive lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Moral and societal issues aside, although I think these very important, it has been shown that chronic abuse of tobacco reduces life expectancy by about ten years, while male homosexual behavior reduces life expectancy by 20 to 30 years. In urban areas with significant male homosexual numbers the life expectancy is now about 43 years! Besides disease, multiple studies have confirmed that homosexual men have significantly higher rates of suicide, violent behavior, and drug abuse than non-homosexuals. Do we need to argue the case further? We should be making every effort to inform and discourage homosexual behavior. That isn't "homophobia," that's compassion.



Anonymous said...

Could you please share with us a link to a scientific study proving the existence of the gene that causes heterosexuality?

Bob Ellis said...

It's in the same scientific study which proves the existence of the genes which cause humans to walk upright, to flinch from pain, to enjoy human contact, the desire to feel safe, the need to be valued, to show compassion for others, and other normal human behaviors.

In other words, it is the natural function of a healthy human being.

Anonymous said...

You seem to know a lot about this study. What is it titled? Who wrote it? When was it published?

If you claim, as you have many times, that God created you to be heterosexual, then you are obligated to substantiate your claim with scientific evidence.

On what chromosome is this "straight gene" located? Who discovered it and when?

Is there any verifiable scientific evidence you can point me to that unequivocally proves you were born heterosexually oriented?

Bob Ellis said...

As I said, Anonymous 1:32, that gene and the evidence that points to it is the same place you'll find evidence for genes which cause humans to walk upright, to flinch from pain, to enjoy human contact, the desire to feel safe, the need to be valued, to show compassion for others, and other normal human behaviors.

Such characteristics are otherwise known as the natural function of a healthy human being.

There is absolutely no genetic evidence to support the contention of a genetic cause of homosexual behavior (which is quite obviously an aberration of human behavior, since the incidence is about 2.9% according to a recent HRC-commissioned study), while there is considerable evidence (including that of countless people who have abandoned such behavior for normal heterosexual relations) which indicates it has environmental causes.

It is illogical and irrational to call for some special and specific evidence of normal behavior when the fact that it is normal behavior speaks for itself. Do we look for the genetic cause for humans walking upright, desiring safety, showing compassion, etc? Of course not. They are the human norm.

If one is to contend that something which affects 2.9% of the population has a genetic cause, then the onus for "proof" is on that contention, not the one of normality.

You really should get a grip on reality. It might help make your arguments more credible.

Anonymous said...

I take it your answer is "no" then. You cannot prove that you were born heterosexual. Until you can, your statement amounts to nothing more than an opinion, and you must concede that heterosexuality has no genetic or biological basis.

Of course, it is impossible for The Great Bob Ellis to be proven wrong. When He senses He might be, He shakes His mighty fist and condemns dissenters as illogical and out of touch with reality. Shame on us for doubting Him.

By the way, what is this "place" you keep referring to where I can find evidence for genes that cause other "normal" human functions? You seem to understand genetics better than the APA, AMA, and the Human Genome Project combined, so surely you must know. Grant me your wisdom, O Wise One.

Bob Ellis said...

Anonymous, can you prove to me right now that you are real? Can you prove that you are not a figment of your own imagination?

I demand that you provide empirical proof right now that you are who you say you are, and that you are intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Asking a question to avoid a question. Is that what homeschoolers teach their kids nowadays?


Bob, you ARE allowed to admit when you're wrong, ya know. It's not a sign of weakness.

Bob Ellis said...

I'm not wrong. I've just run out of ideas for helping someone who refuses to see the obvious to, uh, see the obvious.

If you can prove to me and to yourself that you are really real and not a figment of your own imagination, you might be ready.

Let me know when you're there.

Anonymous said...

Ok well let's turn your own question against you.

Can YOU prove that you are real? No.

Can YOU prove that there is a biological cause for homosexuality? No.

So, explain to me how it's fair to believe in one but not the other.

And try to answer with a statement this time, not with another evasive question.

Bob Ellis said...

I have a hilarious time trying to have a rational, intelligent conversation with someone like yourself who is totally adrift from reality.

Nevertheless, I do have other serious things that I need to do in my life, so the toying around has to come to an end at some point or another.

So when you're ready to deal with the same reality that at least 97.1% of the rest of the world accepts, let me know.

Anonymous said...

That's right, keep running.

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