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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fathers Also Hurt by Abortion

The VoteYesForLife.com blog has a piece from a father who lost his child to abortion.

Though the APA recently made a politically correct pronouncement that abortion doesn't harm mental health, this man's statement shows that abortion not only hurts women, but men as well.

Here is an excerpt:

“My depression was getting worse and I was angry all the time at everything and everyone. I was drinking heavily and started using drugs. I was having trouble sleeping at night and my job performance began to suffer. I was stricken with panic attacks that seem to come for no reason and without warning. I decided to see a psychiatrist before I lost all control. He identified that fact that my problems stemmed from the abortion, diagnosed me with sever depression and borderline psychosis, and prescribed medications for depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

“All the medications seemed to just cloud my head instead of making me feel better, so I continued using illegal drugs and alcohol on top of the medications.

“Finally, I reached a point where I felt there was no hope...

Read the whole story here.


drewas said...

Many years ago in college I befriended a girl I knew by driving her to St. Louis for an abortion. I was not the father nor was I sexually involved with this girl, but I was an ambitious liberal and I saw the opportunity to enhance my credentials by insinuating myself into the situation.

I was repulsed by the coldness of the staff at the abortion clinic but it was years before I gained the insight to understand what I had done. While no comparison to the man in this story, I was troubled by a sense of guilt for a long time, especially when my wife and I began our family. But, like the man in the story, I was saved by the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

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