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Sunday, August 17, 2008

CNN Reports on 9,749 Adverse Gardasil Reactions

Okay, liberals, it's "real" now. CNN, the Clinton News Network, is reporting on the problems with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil.

Some 9,749 adverse reactions and 21 deaths have been reported in connection with the Gardasil vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still says Gardasil is safe, though nearly 10,000 adverse reactions is getting pretty high to call "anecdotal."

Last year, Dr. Diane Harper, one of the researchers who developed Gardasil, criticized the aggressive marketing campaign Merc and state governments initiated for Gardasil vaccinations.

While South Dakota only made the vaccine available at taxpayer expense, some states tried to make vaccination mandatory.

Since Gardasil doesn't stop other STDs, and doesn't even stop all forms of HPV, and women can still get cervical cancer even without HPV, and pap smears are still recommended despite the vaccination, I think we'll forgo the Gardasil risk for my daughter.


Anonymous said...

I work with a nurse who also works in a pediatrics office. She tells me that the nurses are instructed by the doctors there to "push" Gardasil for girls as young as ten, telling mothers how important this is and that cervical cancer can be virtually eliminated by doing so. If asked about side-effects they are told to respond that they are "minimal" and they should ask the doctor if they want any additional information. My nurse believes that Gardasil is a huge profit item for the office and this eems to be a primary motivation.

My daughters are adults now, but I wouldn't recommend Gardasil for them or any of my family. Abstinence and monogamy are the nearly certain ways to avoid a host of devatating diseases and parents have an obligation to teach their children about the risks of promiscuity.

Anonymous said...

GO back to the Senate vote in 2007 only two no votes. It was in HB 1061.


Penglish said...

The "reactions" counted are all adverse events following vaccination.

The numbers are meaningless in themselves. What matters is the number of reactions compared with the number you would expect if no vaccine had been given.

As I understand it, there is no significant difference, showing that the vaccine is safe.

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