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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Judge Scolds Schools Over Taxpayer-Funded Lawsuit for More Taxpayer Funds

KELO reports that it took Circuit Judge Lori Wilbur of Pierre to tell the educrats filing a lawsuit against the state of South Dakota using taxpayer funds for more taxpayer funds what average, common-sense South Dakotans already knew:

school districts do not have legal standing to seek a court judgment on the constitutionality of the state's school funding system. She says the districts also cannot pay money to a coalition to support the lawsuit.

Maybe if these educrats spent more time trying to be smart and less time trying to feather their nests, they might learn something.

If they did, they might learn to quit chasing their tail and do something productive--like educate our children, as they're ostensibly being paid to do.

Don't hold your breath, though, because the KELO piece says a lawyer for the tail-chasers says Judge Wilbur's ruling will be appealed.

HT to South Dakota War College.


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