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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Ongoing Attempt to Justify Murder

Cory at the Madville Times is excited because he thinks he's finally found a way to justify abortion: a "fetus" (a human fetus?) and an adult are "different," and that people disagree on criminal penalties.

How is a human "fetus" different than a human "adult?" Perhaps it's because they're different in things like size, development, their environment and their level of dependency.

The human fetus is a lot smaller than the human adult. Oh, but toddlers are smaller than human adults, too. Does that mean they aren't human? Should we allow toddlers to be killed for convenience?

Well, the human fetus isn't nearly as fully developed as the human adult. Oh, but 5-year-old girls aren't capable of reproduction as adult females. Five-year-old-boys also aren't capable of reproduction like adult males, either. They're also a lot smaller, don't have the same set of teeth that adults have, and so on. Does that mean these 5-year-olds aren't human? Do they lack value because of their lack of development? Should we allow 5-year-olds lacking in development to be killed?

Okay, but the human fetus is inside the womb, while human adults are outside the womb. What, you say location doesn't change the worth and dignity of a human being? You mean I'm worth just as much on this side of the street as that side of the street? I have the same human dignity in Asia as I do in South America? You mean I'm just as human in orbit or walking on the moon as I am here on earth? You mean a child has the same human value when they're being carried on daddy's back as they do when they're walking on their own, or the baby has just as much value being held in someone's arms as they do when they're an adult holding another baby?

Yes, but the human fetus is dependent on the mother for sustenance. So are you saying that the person who is in the hospital on a life-sustaining IV suddenly loses their humanity, that their human value diminishes? Does the person with a life-sustaining pacemaker or who has to take a drug every day to keep living now have less human value than other people? Are we saying that because the infant is dependent on the parents to feed, clean and care for it that it lacks human dignity and worth?

Hmmm. Maybe there isn't really much of a difference between a human fetus and a human adult, especially when science tells us that human beings are fully programmed with everything they need for the rest of their lives from the moment of conception, and that at that moment their DNA structure is distinct from every other human being, including its mother.

Cory seems to believe because there is disagreement on what the penalty should be for an illegal abortion that this is proof abortion is not murder.

This yet another fundamental lapse of logic on the part of liberals, based on their never-ending desire to escape both moral judgments and the just penalty for moral infractions.

Currently, for one person to force themselves on another person sexually is usually considered rape. Does every rapist receive the same sentence? Does everyone agree on what that penalty should be? A quick check will reveal the answer: no.

Does this mean that for one person to force themselves on another person is not rape, or that it is not immoral?

Currently, the wrongful killing of an adult human being is considered murder. Does every murderer receive the same penalty? Are all sentenced to death? Are all incarcerated for life without parole? Do judges or the average citizen agree on what the punishment should be? A quick check will reveal the answer: no.

Does this mean that killing an adult human being is not murder and thus not immoral?

The same is true of abortion. The fact that many disagree on what the legal punishment for an illegal abortion should be in no way detracts from the fact that it would be a crime under the law, should be a crime under the law, and is immoral because it wrongfully takes the life of an innocent and unique human being created in the image of God.

Pro-abortion liberals are so desperate to justify--to others if not themselves--their advocacy of a cold-blooded immoral practice they will eagerly twist themselves into moral and logical pretzels in an attempt to escape what is common sense to most people.

If abortion ends the life of a distinct and unique human being, and science indicates that it is, then abortion is murder.


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