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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Elli's a Hit in Central States Fair Parade

This morning's post from Gideon at SD Wingnuts sounds like Elli Schwiesow's participation in the Central States Fair parade yesterday was a hit!

I had wanted to participate, but I've had a brutal to-do list for the past two weeks.

As Gid alluded to, though Elli is a bit more mature than I (not "older" just "mature"), I envy her energy and vivaciousness. She seems like the Energizer Bunny, with her boundless reserves!

I also wish I had her ease and grace. I tend to have little patience with idiocy and people who are resolutely tied to their illogic, but Elli takes it all in stride. She is a model of what the Bible calls us all to in the area of kindness and showing grace to one another.

These qualities, in addition to her considerable experience in politics and in community service, will serve her well as the South Dakota District 32 senator.


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