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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Gets By With a Little Help From His Friends

I'd better get this one out there before the thought police sanitize it from the internet.

This ad from the American Issues Project is making waves on the Left. It seems it may be illegal because it's produced by an incorporated 501c(4), and under that stupid McCain-Feingold (aka the Incumbent Protection Act) assault on the First Amendment, that isn't allowed.

Some folks see no problem with unions shaking down workers to spend their money on political activities the workers may not even support, or with government suing itself with taxpayer money to get more taxpayer money, but oh my, this kind of free speech is abominable.

Anyway, here it is. It points out some important facts about the kind of people Barack Obama calls friends. Can you say, "Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?" I knew you could.


Bob Schwartz said...

Bob, I personally could care less about the ad, tail chaser that I am. Obama made his bed and all that.

What I find ironic is the fact the McCain's ad might be deemed illegal because of legislation he helped pushed through.

Bob Ellis said...

That's one we can definitely agree on, Bob.

The irony is sweet...but admittedly would be sweeter if McCain wasn't my candidate. :-)

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