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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New McCain 2008 T-Shirts: Expressing our Conservative Pride

Rusty at the Gribble Report gave me an idea today.

He said he'd been dejected lately about the Republican nominee John McCain, and was thinking of coming up with a t-shirt to express his support for his party's nominee.

I messed around a little bit last year with CafePress where you can customize merchandise, but never did much with it. But Rusty's idea got me thinking: I should come up with my own t-shirt (and perhaps other merchandise) so I can have a little fun with an otherwise depressing presidential race.

So I came up with this logo for some t-shirts which would truly express why I consider John McCain "the" choice for president in 2008:

I made a couple of different shirts, including a couple for the ladies. I may go back later and make some mugs, bumper stickers and such, but this is a start.

I'll soon be sporting my pride at all the events this summer!

If you share my "enthusiasm" for the Republican nominee and would like to purchase a t-shirt to display your pride, you can find them in different colors and styles here.

UPDATE: I now have bumper stickers, mouse pads, buttons, yard signs, hats and mugs available to show your conservative pride!


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