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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Life and Times of Barack Obama

I think they make too much of the "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" thing in this video, but other than that, I think everything covered here is factual and documented.

It paints the striking image of an "empty suit" at best, and at worst (in the White House), a dangerous threat to America.

About the video:
"I Invented The Internet, Episode 1: The Audacity." Lorne Baxter explores the life of Barack Hussein Obama, Jeremiah Wright and the theology behind it. Produced by Illuminati Pictures (www.illuminati.tv). Music by Intelligentzia.


Anonymous said...

"Grasping at straws." I'm confident a video with arguments this tenuous could be made about any public person. If you choose to spend your time watching this, at least watch this in the context that if this is the worst people can find out about a person running for president, you're probably in for a great change and improvement in the lifes and status of Americans everywhere. Let's hope Barack succeeds - for the betterment of what could truly be a great country, that has sufferred long enough under the rule of 'leaders' that don't deserve to represent the people.

Bob Ellis said...

You can turn a blind eye if you like, but I don't consider many of these issues to be minor, nor the foundation tenuous.

Consider the fitness for the White House of someone who:

- is the most liberal member of Congress

- skipped out on many hard votes in his state legislature

- Has supporters and followers who embrace communist revolutionary figures and ideals

- Refuses to display traditional patriotism and pride in our flag

- Didn't place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem

- Went to a church for 20 years with a pastor (described as his spiritual mentor) who is racist and anti-American, and embraces Afro-centrism and Marxist ideology, and rejects a "God" who does not embrace hatred of white people, and embraces anti-semitism

- With a pastor who consorts with supporters of terrorism

- Has a wife who has never really been proud of her country in her adult life

- Pledges as President to sit down with terrorist leaders and belligerent regimes without precondition

And there are other dangerous positions held by Obama not even mentioned by this video.

Your idea of what is important and what is tenuous must be very different from mine...

Anonymous said...

Both BO and his missus are mediocre people who learned early how to take advantage of affirmative action and white liberal guilt to rise to positions that are well beyond their capabilities, and yet, remain angry and bitter at the country that allowed them to prosper. So now they are elitist Marxists who know what is best for you and me and intend to see that we get it, like it or not.

As a commenter on another blog succinctly put it, "If Obama becomes President, we're screwed!"

Anonymous said...

Having lived through the Chinese Cultural Revolution, I recognized the techniques used in this video to condamn somebody: a name, a root, a relative, an associate, and then fragments of speeches taken out of context... I congratulate you for mastering it. You would have excelled in that horrible era of a country's history where innocent people were jailed, tortured and killed. Thank you for bringing back that memory, NOT!

Bob Ellis said...

Do you mean Marxist techniques? The Marxism that Obama embraces?

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