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Friday, May 30, 2008

Calif. Homosexual 'Marriage' Will Create Lawsuits in Other States

I said recently that the New York governor's decision to play legislator and recognize homosexual "marriages" from other states would be leveraged to force other states to do the same.

Some believe, and I have no doubt they're right, that the recent California decision (where the judiciary also decided to play legislator) will have an even more direct effect in creating lawsuits and chaos across the states.

From WorldNetDaily:

Lawyers who have worked on the case noted during a panel discussion today sponsored by the Family Research Council at the National Press Club that California's court ruling has a distinct difference from the 2004 Massachusetts decision that opens the door for the spread of same-sex marriage across the nation.

Massachusetts does not grant same-sex marriage licenses to non-residents, preventing waves of homosexuals from traveling to the state to marry and then returning home to demand recognition of their status.

California, however, has no such limitation.

Now more than ever, we need a Federal Marriage Amendment to place the institution of marriage above the grasp of homosexual activists.


Haggs said...

I truely hope that this will lead to lawsuits to strike down unAmerican, unconstitutional laws banning same-sex marriage. I would love to see a lawsuit like that attacking the 2006 ammendment to SD's constitution.

Last year I went to a wedding of two of my friends who are lesbians. I pray that one day their faithful, committed, loving marriage will be recognized by the state.

God Bless America.

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