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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

They're All Bloomin' Mad!

The attack on Sarah Palin from leftist feminists (usually a redundancy in the common usage) is relentless and sadly predictable. Ignoring everything that they have claimed to stand-for for nearly half a century, we are again reminded that the women’s’ movement is least of all concerned about women; they are liberal socialists who happened to be women.

With Gov. Palin’s nomination as Vice-President there was sure to be a concerted effort by the Left to derisively demean her accomplishments and we’ve seen exactly that from all the usual suspects. (I am intentionally not providing links.)

A particularly egregious example of feminists’ disdain for truly independent and successful women is reported by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:

“[B]ut some media commentators say Palin is fair game, not just because she is running for national office but because she is a self-described ‘hockey mom’ who told the nation that her eldest son is headed to Iraq.
"’Once she's brought her children in as selling points, unfortunately the bad comes in with the good," says Lisa Bloom, a Court TV anchor. "She's integrating her mom quality as a key part of her résumé. We didn't do that in the press; she did that.’"
Lisa Bloom, daughter of well-known lawyer and cable TV regular Gloria Allred, apparently thinks that any mention of a candidate’s family opens the field for heavy fire from all directions, no target spared. Palin’s “mom quality,” being part of her personal story (don’t you just know how much the feminists despise that) makes it OK to attack that as if it were a history of say, comporting with terrorists, or habitual plagiarization, or perjury before a grand jury. Following the same logic, Michelle Obama’s girls are fair game. Fortunately, I don't know of any Republicans interested in going after Obama's children, but, then again, they have plenty of other targets of opportunity relative to B. Hussein Obama and Co. All of us know how silly Bloom's argument is but the Left will likely continue to jump at every opportunity to criticize Sarah Palin any way they can. It’s the Democratic way.


sean.o said...

It seems the folks who are truly "bloomin mad" are those screaming about unfair attacks on Governor Palin, which seem to anticipate an assault around every democratic dark corner. In reality, its the McCain campaign which deserves some serious criticism- troopergate, aip, earmarks, bridge to nowhere, lobbyists, global non-warming. I thought Rush Limbaugh was going to have a stroke at noontime trying to shout the conversation back to the Palin family's personal lives- now that's the kind of attack he's really salivating for.

Scot said...

I think the author of this article is bloomin mad. The question is not so much about Palin as it is about McCain's judgment in making a reckless choice when the polls were starting to break his way. Liberal media? Palin is a far from the mainstream as it gets. Creationism, anti-abortion, Evangelical holy warrior, preaches against birth control and for abstinence and then shotguns her daughter into a wedding? Just think of all the other qualified candidates, mail and female that were passed over and seriously ask yourself if this was the base way to help the party win in November. Reckless, stupid choice John. I hope this is not indicative of the choices you'll make if you can salvage this election.

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