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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kristol on 'The Speech'

William Kristol's introduction at the Weekly Standard says it all:

NOW WE SEE why the liberal establishment has been trying for the last few days to destroy Sarah Palin. She is a threat to their hopes to take the White House this year, a threat to their broader claims to speak for youth, for women, and for the future, and a threat to their attempt to control the high ground in the culture war. After her stunning success last night, some in the liberal media may retire from the ring for a while. Others, with the threat now even more evident, may redouble their assaults and become even more desperate and vicious. Surely they'll fail.

It says it all...but the rest of the piece speaks loudly, too, so go read the whole thing.

And watch the "mainstream" media weep and fume...


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