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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

South Dakota Legislative Candidates Speak at Gay Pride Event

The pro-homosexual group Equality South Dakota has announced that five of the candidates they have endorsed for the South Dakota legislature made an appearance on stage at a Sioux Falls Gay Pride event on August 23.

-Greg Kniffen running for District 12 House
-Martha Vanderlinde running for District 15 House
-Bob Stevens running for District 14 Senate
-Darrell Solberg running for District 11 House
-Paula Johnson running for District 12 House

The release says all candidates from the Sioux Falls area endorsed by Equality South Dakota were invited, but these were the only ones that could show.

Just something to keep in mind on November 4 when you vote your values.


Haggs said...

If I lived in those districts, I would definately vote for them.

Bob Ellis said...

I was pretty sure you would, Haggs. As I said, just vote your values...and answer to God for it someday.

Haggs said...

There you go again assuming you understand my relationship with God. You always assume that just because you're a conservative Republican that makes your love of and belief in Christ better than my love of and believe in Christ. We're both Christians even though we're at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Live with it.

God bless,

Bob Ellis said...

I don't know the status of your relationship with God, and never said I did.

However, Jesus himself said that we are known by our fruits. Further, any time we disobey God, or worse, advocate what God clearly says is wrong, God will hold us accountable for that.

As a professing Christian, you should know that--as you should know that God doesn't approve of homosexual behavior.

I would suggest you learn to live with God's standards and not by man's.

Barry G. Wick said...

I won't believe in your gawd, Bawb, because she's been much too good to the gay people in South Dakota...giving you to us...you help the gay community more than you know throw off your ridiculous ignorance and social conformity stereotypes. Thanks for the help. I know we'll be free here someday because of you.
And I'm sure happy my soul won't end up where you're going...

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