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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Latest Dirt on Palin From the People's Newswire

The People's Cube has some interesting headlines regarding Sarah Palin:

- Environmental shocker: Palin's cat seen scratching claws on rare Alaskan pine tree

- Why a DUI is worse than cocaine use

- This just in: Palin's great great grandmother jumped line at Ellis Island

- Palin's dog caught rooting in neighbor's trash

- New York Times enters Guinness Book of Records by fitting 807,316 Palin stories on front page

- Media uncovers more Palin stories in one weekend than Obama stories in two years. Still no bias detected

- Obama and media agree to "don't ask don't" tell policy

- Obama: more experienced than Bristol Palin

Outrageous! Go check them out.


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