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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Biden's Daughter Was Arrested: Law and Order Should be Abandoned

According to the Los Angeles Times, Senator and Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden's daughter has been arrested before in 2002.

The daughter of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer outside a Chicago bar.

Ashley Blazer Biden, 21, of Wilmington, Del., was with a group of people on a North Side street where several bars are located when someone else threw a bottle at an officer, police said.

When police tried to arrest another person, Biden blocked the officer’s path and made intimidating statements, officer JoAnn Taylor said.

Given that Bristol Palin's teen pregnancy obviously means Sarah Palin is a bad parent and that teaching abstinence doesn't work and should be abandoned, this news must obviously mean that Joe Biden is a bad parent, and that teaching obedience to the law and respect for authority obviously don't work and shouldn't be done.

Certainly Joe Biden taught his daughter such values, right? So this must be the obvious conclusion according to the "mainstream" media, right?

Or maybe the "mainstream" media should just get a grip.


JenandAsh said...

I get the point you are making, but the reason this isn't being reported is because she was arrested in 2002. No one interested in a misdemeanor charge from 6 years ago.

Bob Ellis said...

JenandAsh, I'm glad you get the point.

Will the media and the other Leftists?

Anonymous said...

You realize this is from 6 years ago and is not even significant to now? Bristol been pregnant, when her mother doesn't support sex education only abstinence until marriage programs, is something that needs to be discussed, it shows not only the failure of abstinence programs, but some could say in fact her mother is a poor mom. O'reilly and republicans trashed the parents for Jamie Lynn Spears teen pregnancy, then turn a blind eye to this.... it's hilarious.

Hubiestubert said...

I'm a Republican, and I don't get your point...

Seriously. This sort of thing is just sad. While I don't like the attention that Governor Palin's daughter is getting, she probably wouldn't be getting the attention if Governor Palin didn't support abstinence only sex ed...

Just a thought. Similar to the idea of someone campaigning for reform and fiscal responsibility lobbying for pork for her town, and then leaving it with a $20 million debt...

Bob Ellis said...

skr4tchz, I've been waiting for you. I knew sooner or later (probably sooner) a liberal would say it doesn't matter because 6 years have passed.

So what you're saying then, is that if Sarah Palin's daughter had become pregnant out of wedlock 6 years ago, none of this would matter, and that the validity of abstinence teaching would still be sound, right?

B. Vice said...

Way to get us on Fark. All South Dakotans are not this stupid. Please preface remaining entries as such.

Bob Ellis said...

Yeah, Hubiestubert, you sound like a stalwart Republican to me. (wink, wink)

To get the point, read my previous comment to skr4tchz.

Bob Ellis said...

Preface it how, B. Vice: that all South Dakotans aren't too stupid to get the point?

Apparently some are...

Keflex said...

I saw a picture of Sarah Palin with a t-shirt that said "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted" (referring to her chest).

By your logic, even though the picture was from when Palin was in college, it must mean that she's currently not a progressive woman.

Bob Ellis said...

It doesn't sound like she is. She sounds pretty conservative.

People can change. I know I have.

But right and wrong never change--a reality which seems to somehow elude liberals.

Hubiestubert said...

Some of us simply don't put party first before everything else.

I suppose some of us actually support fiscal conservatism, as opposed to mouthing platitudes, while increasing spending, increasing taxes--which when Mayor, Palin did.

Simply put: Palin isn't a fiscal conservative. She isn't a reformer. She couldn't get through her acceptance speech without lying about her own record--she said no to The Bridge to Nowhere, only after supporting it and courting it.

I'm afraid that some Conservatives put the ideals before the candidates. If the candidate doesn't live up to those ideals, then support simply isn't given.

Blind partisanship has given us grand lights like Spitzer. Like McCain, whose changeable stances can't even be called 'flip-flops' but he turns like a windsock.

When we choose a candidate, we should choose the best. Not the best that's out there. The one who's best for the country, not just best for the party.

That kind of blind adherence is what has cost the GOP so much credibility, and will continue to do so until we clean up our own act.

We have a responsibility to each other in the party to call one another on our missteps and mistakes.

We cannot claim the moral high ground, unless we actually occupy that territory first.

That means, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and stop with making excuses every time one of us screws up. When we realize that policy is made and then the justification machine gears up to support the policy, as opposed to policy forming on the conditions that are actually found.

We have to be better. We have to hold ourselves accountable. We have to be responsible. THIS is not responsible. THIS is barely journalism, and is instead a blind partisanship that only makes the party look bad. Look worse even.

Perhaps you haven't seen what a "stalwart Republican" looks like, because you've been following radicals who paint themselves to look like Conservatives for so long, that you can't actually recognize them any more.

Perhaps you've forgotten the words of Goldwater, who warned the party of the dangerous influence that courting radical church elements would cost the party. Perhaps you're so blinded by partisanship, that you've forgotten that Republicans used to stand for ideals, and while some of us still do, it's hard to get that message out, when we have so many folks bleating the horn, and hoping to appear "loyal" that they've forgotten what integrity and values really are.

A good Republican doesn't make excuses for those who screw up. We cannot afford to do that. We cannot afford to put insincere and schemers into power. We simply cannot afford to spin any longer, we have to elect folks that we actually believe in. Responsibility cannot be shed. We have to accept responsibility for our own actions, and hold our elected officials responsible for theirs. Not make excuses for them. It undermines the party, and it undermines the nation.

And blind partisanship only entrenches those who would use it for their own ends, makes it harder to remove them, and only stains the party further.

Keflex said...

Both sides are guilty of obfuscating the facts and focusing on trivialities instead of the real issues (economy, foreign policy, energy costs, etc) -- I'm not sure what bearing on all of this your "right/wrong/liberals" comment has.

Bob Ellis said...

You obviously aren't familiar with much, if anything, of what I've written in the last year, Hubiestubert, so I'll let you in on something: I've considered almost countless times in the last year of going third party.

I've been a conservative for a long, long time. I know what a conservative looks like, and I know what a Republican looks like.

Palin isn't perfect, and I've said that from the start. But she's better by a long shot than anything on the Dem side, and better than McCain himself.

There may be something to some of what you've said, but overall, her record looks pretty darn good--better than most Republicans.

But as for the liberal bleating that Palin's daughter's pregnancy proves abstinence doesn't work--and the double standard of the media--, which is the point of this piece, that dog just don't hunt.

Bob Ellis said...

Keflex, you must have missed the entire point of the post. If you're still curious, go back and read my comments and I think it'll make sense.

Adam said...

Maybe it doesn't matter because she was 21 - not a minor.


Bob Ellis said...

Please re-read the post, Adam and you might see that the principle still applies.

If you don't see that after re-reading, maybe it's not me who's the dummy.

Jody said...

Bob Ellis.. time does matter. Why else is the fact that Keating 5, and the affair/dumping of wife number 1 to marry rich heiress not splattered across the non-news-news? Because it is old news and McCain is seen as having moved past it.

This event happened in 2002 to a 21 year old. It does not report what the outcome was. Was she convicted? Doesnt say... but as someone that works in the legal community, let me assure you that arrest does not equal guilt.

Bob Ellis said...

So, Jody, you're (a) asserting that Biden's daughter is innocent, and that (b) if Palin's daughter had become pregnant out of wedlock 6 years ago, then while abstinence would have been ineffective during those 6 years, now that those 6 years have passed, abstinence would now once again be effective?

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