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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Grim Reaper Comes a Knocking in Spearfish

KEVN says the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families is knocking on doors in the Spearfish area, trying to get people to back their agenda to continue the death of several hundred unborn children in South Dakota every year.

So if you get a knock on your door and see someone like the figure above, no, it's not Halloween yet. It's just ole Grim Reaper come knocking on your door in search of more customers.

Actually, it's not so much customers he's coming around looking for, but more investors to help him find more customers. He can't reach those extra customers without some help from investors like you and me.

Look out, though. He might be in disguise. I'm told the Grim Reaper has casual days from his employer, too. He may look like any average man or woman, and he'll probably be talking about "choices" and how the choices of investors should supersede the rights of the customers he wants to bring within his grip.

But even though he may look average and talk choices, you know what the Grim Reaper's really peddling.


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