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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Homosexual Activists Mislead in Florida

You have to hand it to homosexual activists: they can read the writing on the wall, and they learn fast.

They've learned that many people have come to the realization that government has grown far too large and far too intrusive...and they are hijacking that sentiment to protect their gains at the hands of government intervention in the social structure of our country.

So to fight Florida's marriage amendment effort (Amendment 2) to protect marriage, homosexual activists are calling the amendment "an attempt by the government to interfere in people's lives and would take benefits from senior citizens."

When the people attempt to protect themselves from the oligarchy of judges who manufacture "rights" to undermine marriage, from judges who manufacture laws, somehow it's "government interference."

Orwell and the Soviets would definitely be proud.

They tried similar lies in South Dakota in 2006 when we passed Amendment C, our marriage protection amendment. They tried to fool people into believing that rights, privileges and benefits would be taken away--even from heterosexuals.

They got a late start, but did their best to highlight an Ohio case where some lawbreakers tried to hijack that state's marriage protection amendment to insulate themselves from domestic violence laws. We knew it wouldn't work (such nonsense had already been overturned in lower courts), and last year Ohio's Supreme Court dealt the final blow.

So that's no longer a phantom threat that homosexual activists can hold over the voters of other states moving to protect marriage.

They did, however, succeed in scaring people into voting down a marriage amendment in 2006 in Arizona. They held up an unmarried heterosexual couple in an unconventional setting as "poster children" of their move to undermine marriage--and it worked.

States like Florida will have to be prepared for this deception and misdirection--and counter it aggressively.


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