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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Restroom Follies

They did it in Maryland: made a law allowing men to use women's restrooms and locker rooms if the man "feels" like woman.

While it may sound like a bubble-gum Shania Twain song, it's for real, and sexual anarchists are serious about it.

Not only did Montgomery County, Maryland go for this nonsense, Colorado jumped on the wacko bandwagon, pushing this on the entire state.

According to WorldNetDaily, Gainesville, Florida has joined the merry band of inmates being allowed to run the asylum. Fortunately for the citizens of Gainesville, Citizens for Good Public Policy has circulated a petition and will bring this insanity to a vote.

A healthy, responsible society would simply tell those who are confused about their sexual identity (despite the clear message between their legs) to get a grip and deal with reality. However, in a "tolerant" society ripped free of all moorings to objective truth and even objective reality, anything goes.

Unfortunately, that includes exposing women and girls to the presence of men in restrooms and locker rooms--areas which involve disrobing and other highly personal activities.

WorldNetDaily reports on the Maryland follies:

WND reported earlier of a similar ordinance passed in Montgomery County, Md., including a "trial run" where a man, wearing a skirt and makeup, walked into a women's locker room at a health club.

"I could see his muscles, I could see his large hands," said witness Mary Ann Andree to WJLA-Television. "I was very upset, I'm still upset. There's a lot he could've seen."

The adults in our country simply must decide to take charge once again. People like those in charge of Montgomery County, Maryland, Colorado and Gainseville have proven they are not adult enough to lead and protect the community they are charged with serving.


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