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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes on 8 Vandals Caught on Film

Supporters of Yes on 8, the California constitutional amendment to protect marriage known as Proposition 8, have been plagued with a lot of theft and vandalism of their signs.

Interesting how the side of "tolerance" and "freedom" just can't stand the freedom of someone else to defend marriage and normal sexual relations.

They've struck a big blow against freedom of speech and religious expression in Colorado with their pro-homosexual "restroom chaos" bill.

Many homosexual activists haven't the slightest qualm about quashing your freedom while demanding acceptance, legitimization and license to trash our most fundamental institutions.

Check out these videos of vandalism against the Yes on 8 campaign.

Here, the vandals and thieves are caught on camera:

There is another video here of another act of vandalism at this news site.

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