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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reporter Asks Bill Ayers If It Is Time for Repentance

Bill O'Reilly airs a confrontation from a reporter with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers outside Ayers' home.

Ayers is the Marxist, America-hating radical who bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, several courthouses, several police stations and other locations.

He is also an associate of Barack Obama and has been for a number of years. Apparently Obama has had no qualms about working alongside someone who would rather see America dead and gone.

Reporter Jesse Waters caught up with Ayers outside his home and asked him:

"How do you feel about being the centerpiece of this presidential election?"

Ayers ignored him.

Waters asked, "What's your relationship with Mr. Obama"

Ayers walked on and ignored him.

Waters then asked "Did he write a blurb for your book and sit on a panel with you?"

When they reached Ayers' steps, he said, "This is my property, would you please leave?"

(Sidenote: if Ayers is a Marxist, then he should proclaim that those steps are the people's property, not his. Oh, I forgot, just as in the Animal Farm, under Marxism, while all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others).

Waters asked Ayers, "Mr Ayers, do you want to take this opportunity to apologize for your terrorist acts?"

Ayers continued to ignore Waters and walked up to his door (excuse me, the people's door).

While Ayers was opening his/the people's door, Waters asked Ayers, "Don't you think it's time for some repentance?"

Ayers just ignored him and walked in the door.

As the door closed, Waters asked, "Do you still consider yourself an anarchist?"

Incidentally, during this exchange, Ayers was wearing a black shirt with a big communist star on the front.

O'Reilly said that after this attempted interview, Ayers called the police on Waters--the police Ayers bombed back in his Weathermen days.

Do we really want to risk electing a man who would associate with an anti-American Marxist like Bill Ayers?


Dr. Theo said...

Ayers said in an interview that he didn't regret taking "extreme measures...at a time of tremedous crisis." I wonder if he would be so understanding if his house was fire bombed and the attacker claimed the same mitigating beliefs? As sincere and principled in his beliefs as he claims, I rather doubt Ayers would defend the bombers actions.

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