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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama: To the Left of Everyone

Did you know that Barack Obama is the #1 most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate?

Did you know that his running mate Joe Biden is the #3 most liberal senator?

Lord help us if they get elected!


Angie said...

Did you know that Republicans said the exact same thing about Hillary when she was the front-runner in the primary?

Please. "Most liberal voting record" might as well translate to "Guy who's beating us that we have to sling mud at to win!"

Bob Ellis said...

Spin, Angie, Spin. Hillary Clinton was--and still is--one of the most liberals senators around, but I think everyone who knew what they were talking about has long acknowledged that Obama is the #1 most liberal senator.

If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself at the National Journal.

The thing is, I think you DO know it, but like almost all liberals, you try to hide your liberalism that of the candidates you support. Could it be that, unless it's obscured with smooth talk, most people realize liberalism is a dead-end street paved with broken promises?

If you like liberal policies, why not have the integrity to admit it? If you like liberal candidates, why not have the integrity to admit they're liberal?

amanda.k said...

Really? Obama is the #1 most liberal senator??? I hope you are right since he has my vote!

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