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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Allegations of Vote Fraud in South Dakota Pro-Abortion Campaign

We knew a lot of money and people were coming into South Dakota to try and defeat our pro-life Initiated Measure 11. But today brought news of some new and shady efforts to influence South Dakota elections.

KSFY is reporting that the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy families is facing allegations of voter fraud.

UnHealthy Families (official name: "Healthy Families," but my ability to utter hypocritical statements only goes so far) is the pro-abortion group fighting South Dakota's pro-life Initiated Measure 11.

Initiated Measure 11 would prohibit all abortions in South Dakota except those for rape, incest, to protect the health of the mother, or to protect the life of the mother.

VoteYesForLife.com, the group supporting Initiated Measure 11, says within the last couple of days they learned that a concerned citizen who supports Measure 11 tells them that UnHealthy Families is encouraging out-of-state visitors who are visiting South Dakota to register and vote in our election.

At this point, the UnHealthy Families campaign is denying it.

KSFY says Sara Rabern with the Attorney General's Office isn't aware of any information regarding this. However, Attorney General Larry Long has "no comment." Perhaps he is aware of something Ms. Rabern hasn't yet learned of.

According to SDCL 12-3-1, it is illegal for someone to vote in a South Dakota election when they have no intent to remain in the state. The voter registration form specifically makes this stipulation to which the registrant must agree.

* I actually live at and have no present intention of leaving the above address;

South Dakota law, SDCL 12-1-4, defines "residence" as

the place in which a person has fixed his or her habitation and to which the person, whenever absent, intends to return

According to a VoteYesForLife.com press release,

A transcript of the audio file clearly indicates evidence of voter fraud during a conversation between "Eduardo" and a man named Josh at the Campaign for Healthy Families headquarters in Sioux Falls earlier this week.

"Eduardo" and Josh discuss how it is that "South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families" Spokesman Chris Cassidy is able to vote in South Dakota since he is also currently a resident of California, only here for the election, and plans to go home when the election is over. Josh, an employee of the "Campaign for Healthy Families," encouraged "Eduardo" that he could do the same. This admission is clearly a violation of point #3 (I actually live at and have no present intention of leaving the above address;) of the declaration that citizens sign when they register to vote in South Dakota .

Audio of the incident is available here in mp3 audio format, and a transcript of the incident is available here.

Here is part of the transcript:

Eduardo: Yeah but, if you have an address…

Josh: Yeah, it’s good

Eduardo: …even if my, my driver’s license says California

Josh: Yeah but you can, there’s people, you know, people who work here who are like Chris, anybody’s who’s here now during the election that are going to leave after.

Eduardo: He’s from Oakland right?

Josh: Yeah.

Eduardo: I’m from Riverside. How long has Chris lived here?

Josh: Oh, he’s just here working on the campaign.

Eduardo: That’s it?

Josh: Yep.


Antonio: Sometimes they bend the law on some things.

Eduardo: So Chris chose to vote here.

Antonio: Yes. Yes.

Eduardo: But he’s going back. Once you vote you can go back, if you want?

Antonio: Yeah, of course, you can switch, it doesn’t matter how many times you switch your registration

Eduardo: And it doesn’t matter if I’m legally living here as long as I have the address.

Antonio: Yep, absolutely

There has already been more than enough lying and deception from pro-abortion forces in this campaign already. We don't need more...but it looks like we may have gotten it anyway.

Why can't they just debate the issue on the merits of their pro-abortion argument and let the voters decide? Could it be because they realize their argument, if it was clearly known, has no merits...and that they are too desperate to maintain access to abortion on demand, abortion as birth control?

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops...


Haggs said...

I certainly wouldn't put it past pro-lifers to make this up. I'm curious how they got this audio recording and if the audio is actually taking place as the Capmaign for Healthy Families. But it's possible that there were some people working for the Campaign for Healthy Families who were being stupid. There's usually stupid people on all sides of all issues.

Bob Ellis said...

I would suggest you read the KSFY story closely, read the PR closely, and listen to the audio closely.

When you do, I think it will become pretty clear that this is a pretty reliable indictment of folks in the Campaign for UnHealthy Families violating South Dakota election law, and encouraging others to do so as well.

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