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Monday, October 20, 2008

VoteYesForLife.com Announces Legal Action Over False TV Advertising

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, October 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The VoteYesForLife.com campaign is holding a press conference Monday, October 20th at 12:30 p.m. at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott (4304 West Empire Place, next to Empire Mall) to announce the legal action being taken to remove TV ads being run by a pro-abortion group. The ads make patently false claims about Measure 11. Specifically, the libelous ads falsely claim that if Measure 11 passes, government will be involved in deciding if a woman could have an abortion when faced with medical conditions that present a risk to her health. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The ads are patently false. Sections 4 and 5 of Measure 11 clearly indicate that those decisions are left up to the physician's judgment. Measure 11 is clearly written. It took 8 months for 11 legal experts to write the proposed law. The legal experts gave special attention to these extremely rare cases to protect doctors when the life and health of the mother is at risk. Several doctors have signed affidavits as part of this action stating the ads are completely false.

Dr. Yvonne Seger, a Sioux Falls OBGYN is also very supportive of Measure 11. "The law is clear and it will not affect the way doctors currently practice medicine," she assured. Dr. Jane Gaetze, another OBGYN, stated, "Diabetes, hypertension and cancer are all clearly covered in the context of Measure 11. The claims on the ad are completely false."

"The pro-abortionists are not debating the law on its goal of ending abortion as a form of birth control. They know they will lose that debate with the people of South Dakota ," said Brandi Gruis with VoteYesForLife.com. "They are not arguing that abortion should be used as a means of birth control because they know that the people of South Dakota want to end the use of abortion as birth control. As a result, they are attempting to confuse the voting public by picking out highly technical issues, and misrepresenting the facts concerning those issues, believing that the people won't know that they are not telling the truth. That practice is unethical and we are acting to bring it to an end," she said.

"The fact is, 97% of abortions being done in our state are done for no medical reason at all and many women are having repeat abortions. Measure 11 is designed to stop those abortions, while leaving very clear exceptions for rare cases of rape and incest and to protect the life and health of the mother," she said. For more information, call 605.271.7581.


Haggs said...

This is silly. You don't take legal action when you think the other side's ads are lying. You create your own ads to refute that claim. The pro-choice groups don't seek legal action when the pro-life ads lie. Obama doesn't take legal action when McCain's ads lie.

This just reeks of desperation on their part.

cp said...

What legal action? I don't see what would be open to them, except to do something frivolous to get media attention.

This is merely a publicity stunt to try to mobilize the base that doesn't think this law will ever take anything from them.

The base is wrong about that.

Bob Ellis said...

McCain's ads don't lie.

There should be room for disagreement, and perhaps there should even be room for "different interpretations." But when demonstrably false information is being presented, that's clearly wrong and should be stopped.

We heard the lies in 2006 that Referred Law 6 wasn't acceptable because, darn it, it just doesn't have exceptions.

Now that the bill has the exceptions the pro-abortionists whined for, darn it, they're just not big enough to drive a truck through, so they aren't "real exceptions."

And now, outright lies about those exceptions.

It's time the abortion advocates were held accountable.

Haggs said...

Quite the potty mouth, Bob. :)

Remember back in 2006? VoteYes was proud that the ban had no expections. And then a poll came out saying more South Dakotans would've supported it if it had exceptions, so then VoteYes tried to lie saying it actually did have exceptions. Did the Campaign for Healthy Families take legal action against that? No. They just refuted the claim and a majority of voters agreed with them.

As for the 2008 ban, the exceptions have so many strings attatched that it would make it too difficult to get an abortion even if you did fall into the health and life exceptions. That's what CHF's ads are about.

Bob Ellis said...

When pro-abortionists bellyached that they wouldn't be able to use Plan B "morning after" contraceptives, the pro-life community pointed out that this was false (funny how history is repeating itself, isn't it?).

Section 3 of Referred Law 6 aka HB 1215 said

Nothing in section 2 of this Act may be construed to prohibit the sale, use, prescription, or administration of a contraceptive measure, drug or chemical, if it is administered prior to the time when a pregnancy could be determined through conventional medical testing and if the contraceptive measure is sold, used, prescribed, or administered in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

Since there is no method of "conventional medical testing" which can determine a pregnancy for at least several days after intercourse, EC can obviously be used during this period...unless the woman bebops around and takes a week or so to use "emergency" "morning after" contraceptives.

Perhaps the pro-life folks should have pursued legal action back then.

As for the 2008 exceptions, what you mean is "you can't drive a truck through them" and find an excuse to use the exceptions to continue using abortion as retroactive birth control--as 84.6% or more of the abortions done in South Dakota currently are.

The exceptions are specific, to prevent abuse, but are clearly defined for their stated purpose--which doesn't mean a loophole the size of the English Channel Tunnel.

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