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Friday, October 24, 2008

Radical Liberal Group Contributes $1.1 Million to Oppose Measure 10

For Immediate Release

Pierre, SD - The radical left group, National Education Association contributed $1.1 million to the group opposing the South Dakota Open and Clean Government Act, YES on 10!

You might have seen one of the ads from the No on 10's big lie campaign. South Dakotans should feel comfortable in knowing that each one of their dishonest and desperate "Gag Law" commercials have been refuted as outright lies. YES on 10! will not take away anyone's personal right to speech and their ability to address elected officials, it simply prevents them from using tax dollars to pay for it.

"We now know according to No on 10's campaign spokesman Steve Willard, their big lie 'Gag Law' TV campaign would not have been possible without the funding the radical left, taxpayer subsidized, NEA" said Lee Breard, the Executive Director of the SD CAC.

"The NEA is a taxpayer subsidized organization that collects its dues from state chapters and payroll deduction of educators across the county," said Breard. "The problem is the NEA does not represent the values of many educators. The NEA uses its tax-subsidized funding to promote a radical liberal agenda through campaigning and lobbying."

Here are a few issues the NEA stands for and uses our tax-subsidized dollars to promote:

· Oppose school choice and vouchers
· Promote unlimited abortions
· Supports gay marriage
· Teach 5-8 year olds in the classroom that it is ok to be homosexual,
· Teach 5-8 year olds masturbation is ok
· Thoroughly explaining vaginal intercourse to 5-8 year olds
· Remove parental education rights
· Condoms for students in elementary school
· Radical liberal candidates
· Oppose private accounts for social security
· Support mandatory Pre-K

"I don't believe a majority of the great teachers in South Dakota support these radical issues. It is time to stop their hard earned dues and our tax dollars from being used by radical left groups such as the NEA," said Breard. "Every voter in South Dakota should take pause before buying into the Big Lie "Gag Law" campaign and look at who paid for the advertisement."

Join the majority of South Dakotans who are supporting YES on 10! It is time to stop our tax dollars from being used for lobbying and political campaigns.

The SD CAC is a non-partisan political non-profit organization that focuses on voter education and does not endorse candidates. We support: Efficiency and Accountability in Government, Limiting Government Spending, Comprehensive School Choice, and Private Property Rights.


Happy Voter said...

Isn't this something! We heard the No on 10 group telling us for the last 5 months that supposedly dastardly out of state people were promoting measure 10, and here they are with almost all thier money coming from one of the most Liberal, anti-South Dakota values organizations there is!

Thank you for this post Bob, the hypocrisy of the No on 10 group has made my Yes vote on Measure 10 sooo much easier.

PP said...

Bob, I don't think they made it a secret that the NEA was a member of the no on 10 coalition.

Now if the SDCAC would be open and clean about where they're getting their money to dump into the ballot measure.

But, that might actually require them to be open and clean themselves.

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