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Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL Skit Featuring the Real Sarah Palin

Here's the Saturday Night Live skit featuring the real Sarah Palin, courtesy of NBC and the New York Post.

I've never met Governor Palin, but I would bet she is way hotter in person.

She's a heck of a gal!


Anonymous said...

When the Republican National Committee spends more than $150,000 on her clothes and makeup, she'd better look good. If she didn't, I might start wondering if that money could have gone toward something practical! Isn't she just the model of fiscal responsibility?

The trick has obviously worked on you. You're too busy drooling onto your keyboard and wondering how hot Palin looks in person (which I'm sure your wife appreciates) to notice her alarming stupidity. Sure, she believes geographic proximity to Russia counts as foreign policy experience, could do little more than stare vacantly when asked to name a Supreme Court ruling other than Roe v. Wade, didn't object when a Kenyan witch doctor said she needed to be exorcised, and took six years to earn a bachelor's degree in journalism (not law or economics or history or something that might actually guide her policy decisions), but she's hot - so none of those pesky details really matter in the end, am I right?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to perform surgery in a few minutes. I don't have any medical training, but I do live next door to a hospital, which is just as good. I really don't understand why the patient is so anxious.

Bob Ellis said...

I see you've received your latest copy of the Leftist talking points and are eager to disseminate.

I don't suppose, however, that you have any issues at all with the $447.39 Michelle Obama--the tireless defender of the "little guy"--spent on room service last week. $100 for steamed lobster, $150 caviar, and a $44 bottle of champaign, among other things. That's sure spreading around the wealth!

My wife knows I think Governor Palin is a hottie in addition to being a great governor and a great advocate of conservative values (but then, my wife knows I think she's all those things, too--except the governor part).

I also think Governor Palin knows geographic proximity alone isn't high on the list of international qualifications...but then, neither is "community organizer" in Chicago.

Oh, and it wasn't a Kenyan "witch doctor" who prayed over her; you might want to read those talking points a little closer...provided the talking points got it right in the first place.

By the way, is this Alex under another name?

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama doesn't identify with the party that's supposedly known for its fiscal conservatism. Sarah Palin does.

And no, my name isn't Alex.

Bob Ellis said...

So Michelle Obama's opulent spending is within the image of the "common man" the DNC seeks to foster?

By the way, fiscal conservatives demand fiscal responsibility from the government for how it spends the taxpayer's money. It does not pretend to dictate how private individuals spend their money; that's what liberals do.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't understand why you're comparing Sarah Palin to Michelle Obama. One is running for public office, and the other is not. Even if Mrs. Obama were running, it wouldn't excuse this type of behavior. Second, this is not an issue of how private individuals spend their money. The Republican National Committee (ie, a group of elected officials) is footing the bill for Palin's expensive wardrobe. The governor could say, "Thanks for the nice clothes, but I'd rather you used that money for something important," but she doesn't.

Bob Ellis said...

Yeah, like we're not going to get another "package deal" like we did with the amoral Bill and Hillary Clinton. Besides, Michelle is out there campaigning for her husband, so she is therefore a representative of him, his policies and philosophies.

In case didn't know, the Republican National Committee is not a government institution. I know liberals would like to see everything run by the government, but come on.

Must everything be explained to you, cinemaphile85? You're really taking up too much of my time on educational endeavors. You really should have paid more attention in school--or were you too busy rebelling against against authority?

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