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Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain Advisor was Mexican Government Official

John McCain claims to have learned his lesson on immigration and border control, but you have to wonder when you see stories like this from CNS News:

Juan Hernandez, the man who served in Vicente Fox's cabinet when the latter was president of Mexico, is now advising Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on reaching out to Hispanics during his presidential bid.

Hernandez is the son of a Mexican father and American mother and has dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico.

He has not responded to requests by Cybercast News Service to answer critics who say a man who allegedly took an oath of office to the Mexican government and has been an outspoken advocate for open borders and illegal immigrants should clarify how his views comport with those of McCain, who reportedly has toughened his views on illegal immigration since entering the presidential race.

While I respect McCain's service to our country both as a pilot in Vietnam and as a POW in North Vietnam, he has gone from a good politician to one who seeks the favor of the "mainstream" media far too much.

From failure to respect our borders and the rule of law, to taking a weak position on the confirmation of originalist judges, to trampling on the First Amendment his Campaign Finance Reform (aka Incumbent Protection Act), John McCain is a poor choice for conservatives to support.

This is another example of why you can't believe what politicians tell you on the campaign trail, but should instead look to what their record says about their positions on the issues.


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