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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bill Guaranteeing Right to Firearms on Campus Gets Support

From the Rapid City Journal, the House State Affairs committee today voted to support a law that would guarantee the right to carry firearms on college campuses:

The State Affairs Committee voted unanimously to pass HB 1261, which would guarantee people the right to carry or possess firearms on college campuses. The schools also would be prevented from expelling students or firing employees for having a gun on campus.

The panel later voted unanimously to kill a competing measure, sponsored by the Board of Regents, which sought to ban guns on campus.

When are politicians going to get it: criminals don't obey laws.

Yeah, you could prosecute a gunman for illegal possession of a firearm on campus after he'd slaughtered several people...but by that time, such a charge would be pretty paltry next to the multiple charges of murder.

Do you think if they'd had a law like HB 1086, banning guns on campus, at Virginia Tech, that would have stopped the gunman? Do lawmakers imagine the gunman might have seen a sign, or remembered the law, and said, "Darn it! I wanted to slaughter some innocent people on campus today, but I can't bring my gun!"

But armed and law-abiding citizens can stop gunmen, as a security guard in Colorado proved recently.

There are always going to be evil people, until God creates a new heaven and a new earth. In the meantime, innocent, law-abiding citizens should have a means of defending themselves from evil. A lot of people can be killed before a 911 call can be responded to.

We have some good legislators in South Dakota, but I wish more of them would THINK before submitting bills.


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