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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giuliani Finishes Poorly in Florida, Dropout Expected

Well, the Florida election results are in, and it's no joy for Rudy Giuliani.

Rumors are high that he's going to drop out tomorrow and endorse John McCain; something like that was already expected even before tonight.

Here's WBOC in Denver says from an AP feed:

Republican officials say Rudy Giuliani, who finished a distant third in Florida's GOP primary, will endorse the winner John McCain tomorrow in California. The former New York mayor, asked directly if he was dropping out, said only that he's "going to California."

This nixes half the justification some evangelicals gave for seriously considering a third-party move last fall. Giuliani, being pro-abortion and pro-homosexual, was simply unacceptable as a GOP nominee for many values voters.

If Romney ends up getting the nomination, that could still happen, since his Mormon faith is a problem some who consider Mormonism a "different Gospel" since Mormons do not see Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God as Christians do. But the odds of a third-party move are probably not as likely in Romney's case, since he has already won over a number of evangelical leaders.

It's looking like a solid McCain win with Romney in second in Florida; almost all the precincts are in now.

Hillary Clinton won on the Democrat side, but the numbers say she lost the black vote BAD to Obama. What's going to happen with the Florida delegates is up in the air, though, since the DNC blocked Florida's delegates to the national convention since they didn't play by the rules by holding their primary at the wrong time.

Who knows. There may still be some surprises left in this political season. It's interesting to have seen the powerhouse candidate Giuliani go from unbeatable before the voting started, to taking up the rear once it did.

In politics, it's never over until the proverbial obese female croons.


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