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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Finding of a Voice

By Carrie K. Hutchens

Some months ago, we were being spoon fed the suggestion that Hillary Clinton was unbeatable. No one had a chance against her, is what we were told and being expected to believe as the gospel of all gospels. However, what we were told and what we have seen are entirely two different things.

Obama beat Hillary in Iowa. Important because the state is more than overwhelmingly white. Obama beat her by 8.11%.

New Hampshire was only a speck of a win for Hillary. She only beat Obama by a mere 2.64%.

In Nevada, the state that Clinton thinks is such a great win -- she only won by 6%. Both her wins don't even equal 1% more than Obama's single Iowa win. Then we go to South Carolina and last nights voice of the people. Obama won more than twice the voice of both Clinton and Edwards. He walked away with 55% of the vote, while Clinton only received 27% to Edwards 18%. Clinton just barely beat Edwards with a fraction of a percent more than she was beaten by Obama in Iowa.

These numbers are not only important -- they are exceedingly so.

Clinton was suppose to be unbeatable. She (they) were suppose to be a shoe-in. For a shoe-in to beat an opponent by so very little, while being beaten so badly, intensifies those numbers even more so. And, it shows that while she (they) may have thought she merely had to make an appearance that the American people mattered in the nomination -- she got a big surprise.

The American people aren't just speaking up -- they are shouting! They are shouting that they want change! They want honesty! They want integrity! They want hope! They want all the things the Clintons don't seem capable of providing.

Hillary claimed she listened to the people in New Hampshire. Was she listening when she and Bill were challenged for the negative campaigning in South Carolina? Did they stop or take responsibility when they were called out for distorting and lying about Obama, or did they just stand there with those smug smiles that tell us they don't think anyone counts but them?

Even the Clinton surrogates seem to have purchased like smiles, as they duck and weave and try to take us wherever they wish us to go, rather than address our concerns and direct questions. I guess they, too, think we are a sub-intellect that can't possibly understand the complexities that give their candidate some special right to win by whatever means necessary.

Rather than address the dirty politics, one Clinton surrogate started talking about Bill's reign as president. She couldn't seem to comprehend that his presidency had nothing to do with the question at hand. Had nothing to do with the concerns of a dirty campaign that backfired. It gave the appearance that she felt all was excusable simply because Bill did this or that all those years back. Her response was not responsive to the question. Which seems to suggest some neurons weren't sparking and connecting the dots.

For too many years, we have heard terms such as "that's just politics for you." For too many years, it was as though we accepted the fact that politics were dirty and truth often gets twisted or even forgotten. How often was it even believed (truly) that a politician would do what he said once he got into office? But this year... the American people stood up and said enough is enough. We are tried of the dirty tricks. We are tired of the distortions. We are tried of the lies. We are tired of being treated like we don't even count. Tired of being treated like servants of the politicians and their government and their political machines.

Yes, in the last few weeks, the people of the United States of America have been sending a very clear message. A message that says, "We are taking our representation back and placing it in trustworthy hands. Hands that, rather than dictate to us, will represent us. We are the People, after all, and we are taking our country back and voting to re-establish "a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

It seems that it is the American people who found their voice! A voice that has long been missed!

Welcome back America!

Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.


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