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Friday, June 08, 2007

Socialized Medicine: Can You Wait a Year for Treatment?

Here's what socialists in this country want for YOU.

From the UK Guardian, on England's socialized medicine nightmare called the National Health Service:

A Department of Health analysis of 208,000 people admitted to hospital in March showed 48% were wheeled into the operating theatre within 18 weeks of a GP sending them for hospital diagnosis. But 30% waited more than 30 weeks and 12.4% more than a year.

This problem has been an known issue for years; the quality and the wait-times were a wry joke among the British people when I was there 20 years ago. But has anything happened?
In a key manifesto pledge at the 2005 general election, the government promised that by December next year all patients would be treated within 18 weeks.

As the latest analysis shows, an improvement just didn't happen.

Don't dare let socialists in this country impose this "solution" to our health care problems on us.


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